EHeadlines/WebFetch/SVLUG interoperability

From: Ian Kluft <>
Subject: [svlug] EHeadlines/WebFetch/SVLUG interoperability
To: (Silicon Valley Linux Users Group)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999

I'm pleased to announce that WebFetch now interoperates with EHeadlines.
This should serve as a very positive example of Open Source authors working
together to make their software compatible in just a few days.

WebFetch is a Perl5 module developed by SVLUG that captures news from other
sites for display on a web server, and exports a site's own news so other
WebFetch sites can capture it.  (It was made for the news on our home page.)

EHeadlines is a news headlines tool for the Enlightenment window manager
which can put news from sites like Slashdot and Freshmeat on your menus.
With Friday's release of EHeadlines 1.2, it is now able to read news
exported from any site running WebFetch.  It can capture news from the
SVLUG home page or news about the WebFetch software itself, allowing news
to appear up-to-date in the pull-down menus of your Enlightenment window

EHeadlines's "EWebFetch" script can be modified to collect news from a
different URL at any WebFetch site.  EHeadlines author Chris Bowlby says
he intends to enhance the configurability in future versions so other
sites can be selected without modifying the software.  To get things
started, there is an "ESVLUG" script hard-coded to retrieve news from
the SVLUG web site.

This opens up the possibility that Linux and BSD user groups can use
WebFetch on their web servers and their members (who now have additional
encouragement to try out Enlightenment if they haven't already) can get
their group's news up-to-the-hour (exact timing depends on server and
client configurations) on their desktop menus.

   WebFetch home page
   EHeadlines home page

I'd like to thank EHeadlines author Chris Bowlby <>
for his cooperation in bringing this idea to reality.

   Ian Kluft <>
   SVLUG Web Software Coordinator, and author of WebFetch